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  • For Patients - Gait Analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, wavebreak3)
    For Patients - Gait Analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, wavebreak3)

    It runs better without pain

    Are you a sporty person but with knee complaints? A free training program for those insured by DAK-Berlin or...

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For more information, please see our flyer (only in German, click on the image).

DAK "KnieAktiv"

From the age of 40, the first changes in the knee joint very often become apparent. The cartilage shows the first signs of wear and tear. In order to influence this process favourably and to ensure a continued high quality of life, the DAK, together with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, has launched the "KnieAktiv" health programme. 

The new programme is aimed at active DAK-Gesundheit insurees in Berlin with an increased risk of osteoarthritis who are experiencing knee complaints for the first time. With the help of this programme, the quality of life should be improved and the use of painkillers reduced.

If patients take part in "Knee Active", a gait and running analysis is carried out afterwards, whereby the impairment is recorded in detail.

Based on these findings, an individual counselling and training programme is created for the patient.

The application takes place within the framework of a partial inpatient treatment and is then continued at home on the patient's own responsibility.

KnieAktiv of the DAK Berlin and KnieAktiv of the DAK Brandenburg

"KnieAktiv" is free of charge for those insured by the DAK-Gesundheit Berlin or Brandenburg