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  • For active atheletes - running analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, pavel1964)
    For active atheletes - running analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, pavel1964)

    For active sportspeople who want to prevent

    Are you an active sports person and want to analyse your movements to stay pain-free and fit in the future?

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For active atheletes - running analysis

Run efficiently and painlessly

Running has many positive aspects on our health. But pain in the joints or muscles can spoil the fun of running or even force us to give it up. A running analysis in our running laboratory helps to identify muscular deficits and improve running technique.

The goal: efficient and pain-free running. Even those who have no complaints can prevent complaints with a running analysis and optimised running technique.

For whom is a running analysis suitable?

For all runners and athletes who: 

  • want to run pain-free again
  • want to optimise their running technique and performance 
  • want optimal running shoe care 
  • are just starting to run and want to prevent injuries

For all runners and athletes with the following problems: 

  • Knee complaints (e.g. "runners knee", anterior knee pain, meniscopathy etc.)
  • Foot complaints (Achilles tendon pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.)   
  • Hip complaints (bursitis of the hip, etc.)
  • Lower back complaints

With the running analysis at the Charité, we look specifically for the causes of your running complaints. These can be of different nature and can be found in the running technique, the running shoe as well as in the physical fitness.

With a thorough physical examination and the recording of your running style with high-speed cameras on an instrumented treadmill, we get all the necessary information to find an individual solution to the problem. If necessary, we will carry out a training session with you consisting of your tailor-made exercises and movement patterns in order to immediately put the results of the analysis into practice.   

DAK "KnieAktiv" - free runing analysis

Those insured with DAK-Gesundheit in Berlin receive the running analysis free of charge as part of the DAK "KnieAktiv" programme.