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  • For Patients - Gait Analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, wavebreak3)
    For Patients - Gait Analysis (Image Source: AdobeStock, wavebreak3)

    Gait analysis is suitable for patients with movement pain who would like to be active again.

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For Patients - Gait Analysis

So you can go through life better!

Incorrect movements are a common cause of pain. They can lead to high stress in the joints. In our uniquely equipped gait laboratory we can identify the cause of pain.

With the help of a gait analysis on the treadmill, the entire musculoskeletal system is examined. Our individual therapy recommendations help you to alleviate the pain.

For which complaints is a gait analysis suitable?

  • Knee complaints (e.g. gonarthrosis, meniscopathy, various ligament and tendon irritations). 
  • Foot complaints (e.g. OSG arthrosis, achillodynia, plantar fasciitis, instability of the ankle joint) 
  • Hip complaints (e.g. hip arthrosis, hip dysplasia, various ligament and tendon irritations) 
  • Back pain (e.g. intervertebral disc problems in the lumbar spine and back problems caused by incorrect posture when walking) 

Requirements for participation

  • You must be able to walk on the treadmill without a walking aid.
  • You must not weigh more than 135 kilos.
  • We can only analyse problems from the hips downwards.

The gait analysis at the Charité supplements the classic orthopaedic diagnostics with the examination of your movement sequence when walking. Your gait is recorded on a treadmill with 14 special infrared cameras. At the same time, the resulting forces are measured so that we can determine your individual joint load.

With the help of a physical examination, an overall picture emerges at the end, with which we can uncover the causes of your complaints. Thanks to our holistic approach, you will receive therapy recommendations that will help you to alleviate the symptoms and to go through life better. If necessary, we will carry out a training session with you consisting of your tailor-made exercises and movement patterns in order to immediately put the results of the analysis into practice.   


DAK "KnieAktiv" - free gait analysis

Those insured with DAK-Gesundheit in Berlin receive the gait analysis free of charge as part of the DAK "KnieAktiv" programme.