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  • Improve movements with exercises (Image Source: Adobe Stock, Jacob Lund)
    Improve movements with exercises (Image Source: Adobe Stock, Jacob Lund)

    Improve movements with exercises

    Individual training on the day of the gait or running analysis and 4 weeks access to online exercises and consultation,

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Propper therapy - through analysis and training

The analysis shows us the cause of the problem. Training solves the problem. After all, new movement patterns need to be practised.

Training based specifically on the analysis helps you to learn the new movement patterns.

The perfect combination of analysis and training ensures a highly effective therapy.

What does the training include?

  • Individual training to practise the individual movement patterns and exercises. 
  • Creation of a web-based training plan (incl. videos of the individual exercises) 
  • Telemedical support over 4 weeks (communication via training app)

A movement analysis can identify the cause of a complaint. A lasting improvement occurs when the corresponding movement pattern and the associated musculature are trained. In order to put the recommendations of our gait or walking analysis into practice without loss of information and thus in the best possible way, we advise you to make use of our training.

When training in a 1:1 situation, you and your special requirements are the focus of attention. 

DAK "KnieAktiv" - free gait or running analysis with rraining

Those insured with DAK-Gesundheit in Berlin receive the gait or running analysis with training free of charge as part of the DAK "KnieAktiv" programme.